Shailin Thomas: Dominating Med Twitter one meme at a time while becoming a Doctor and Lawyer

Today’s podcast is with Shailin Thomas (@shailinthomas), who is a fifth-year student (and third year medical student) in a joint MD/JD program between Harvard Law School and the New York University School of Medicine. He received his B.S. from Yale University where he stuied cognitive neuroscience—exploring the anatomy and hysiology behind social phenomena. His interests […]

The Grind Doesn’t Define You

Giving and Growing in a World of Negativity It’s ironic that the medical field is arguably the most humane profession, yet we put our residents and physicians-in-training through such pain and suffering. A recent article by Dr. Pamela Wible noted that residents’ hours are “capped” at 28-hour shifts and 80-hour work weeks, which are equivalent to two […]