Today, I’m interviewing Brett and Jared Dashevsky. They’re brothers, and a dynamic duo who run a media company called Healthcare Huddle. If that’s not enough for you, Brett is also a project manager at Capital One,, and Jared has a Masters in Healthcare Systems Engineering and is a current medical school student. Jared used his foundations in healthcare innovation to build his weekly newsletter which he runs with Brett and his medical school classmate, Harrison Kaplan. Since its inception in 2019, Healthcare Huddle has grown it’s audience to around 15,000 health professionals and students. I’m excited to have them on because, well, I am one of those 15,000 readers. It’s important to stay informed about healthcare and they do it with bite sized pieces that you can read in 5 minutes. Even in medical school, I am able to keep in front of the news cycle about the COVID-19 updates because Brett, Jared, Harrison, and the whole team at Healthcare Huddle has me covered. If you want to learn more go to to register and become part of the “Huddlers!”

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Jared got interested in healthcare based on his involvement with his masters’ program at Lehigh. He wanted to share this knowledge with other people and so he wanted to jump on it. After his first semester, he wanted something that was short and quick to easy to understand for healthcare [04:41]
  • Brett decided to join because of his ability to market and design the brand, and trying to manage the social channels (Instagram/Facebook). He talked about his previous ventures with Jared that had failed [05:51]
  • What is the quack quack strategy? How do you brand effectively and make it effortless to be an aspirational identity as a brand? Also, Jared explains how he uses iteration to his advantage. [07:45]
  • What do Jared and Brett do to respond to feedback? [12:15]
  • Jared balanced medical school and the newsletter, and how he decided to hire a team to help him with the newsletter [17:00]
  • Can Common Sense Medicine grow like the newsletter? How would they “Huddle”-fy my business? [22:00]
  • How does Healthcare Huddle build the ethos of the company and keep the traction for the company? Jared explains how the book “Traction” helped him build a virtual email empire [24:00]
  • If an employee messed up, how would Brett and Jared deal with it? How would Brett and Jared deal with the failure of the processes which they have set up [29:00]
  • Ideally, what do you want your truest fan to do when you open an email? Brett and Jared talk about making their fans excited about being informed and inspired [33:38]
  • Time management tips from a medical student and a corporate worker, Brett and Jared talks about how to make sure that school and work comes first. Jared also talks about his time-blocking approach (Company Culture Day, Typewriter Tuesday, etc.) [36:00]
  • How does Brett use his role as a chief marketing officer to grow the newsletter and increase the self-promotion aspect of the newsletter. Brett and I went to Jersey Boys State together, so we touch on that experience as well. [39:00]
  • The brothers’ Dashesvsky: how do Jared and Brett think about the brotherly aspect of running a company? We touch on what they don’t like about each other, and what they like about running a company together [42:30]
  • What are some of the highlights of Jared’s audio diary? What are some of the insights which have changed his life? [47:30]

The Hot Seat:

  • Jared’s Question: What are some of the lessons running a podcast and how do you manage your time between medical school and 
  • Brett’s Question: What is your motivation for being a practicing physician? 



“If one person gives you feedback, then it’s not that important. If three people give you feedback, then it’s something that we need to change.” -Jared

“Hiring is so important because the person who you hire has to have GWC: They have to get it, they have to want it, and they have to have the capacity to do it.” -Jared 

“Community is the future. How Healthcare Huddle build an aspirational identity is the biggest challenge we face” – Brett

“There are three key things that I think about culture in the future: culture defines your identity, your business’s personality based on our mission statement and vision. The team understands why they are writing this newsletter. The culture retains and attracts talent. What’s the best way to motivate and keep our team engaged? When your team feels valued, they are more likely to give it their all. And finally, the culture makes and breaks processes of productivity. How sh*t gets done really matters. We keep feedback to learn how to improve constantly, and we make sure that we have different perspectives to facilitate that.” -Brett

“I’m a big believer of praising in public, and penalizing in private. Our processes worked, but we took a step back and then we figured out what was going to go wrong. We decided to write earlier, edit earlier, so we have more time to check our processes.” -Jared

“There are two things that are important in a co-founder: complementary skills and shared values” -Brett

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