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Welcome to Podcast #71. Today’s guest is Dan Munro, who is, in his own words, “not a clinician or an economist,” but he is interested in how healthcare is broken in the United States and how technology innovation and policy can solve that. He first started writing about healthcare starting as a Forbes Contributor in 2011, and Dan has since appeared in a wide range of publications. We talked about his first book, called Casino Healthcare, and many other topics. We talk about

  • 1:48 – His background as an system engineer, and how that helped him get into healthcare; how our healthcare system operates from a software engineering perspective
  • 9:08 – How the American Medical Association meets behind closed doors in order to price healthcare via CMS
  • 13:09 – How uncompensated care can lead to higher premium rates, and tiered care (case study: Hahnemann shut down)
  • 23:59 – Why he thinks that Medical Education should be free from a systems level perspective
  • 28:03 – Why healthcare can never be a consumer product like in other parts of our life
  • 34:27 – Telemedicine and the advent of tele-health (point of care technologies, digital health technologies)


Dan’s website

Dan’s Quora

Casino Healthcare


“Our healthcare system isn’t broken. It’s actually working exactly as designed. And we need a different design.”

“The cost of the premium and the high deductibility was more than she could afford for her chronic condition. And so she literally gave up full time employment so that she could qualify for Medicaid. So we are seeing this pressure mount. And the challenge that we have is that we’ve been saying that this is unsustainable for at least a decade, probably two decades.”

“We are actually on a trajectory to universal coverage. My view is that that’s inevitable. If we look at other systems around the world, we can say with some certainty that it’s probably a 40 to 50 year timeline.”

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