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Recently, I had the pleasure of re-watching a speech which many had said changed their outlook on life. It seems that I was the center of my own life for far too long. I wanted to summarize some of my take-aways from this speech.

  • The most obvious realities are hardest to talk about. An education is about how to teach one how to think.
  • You have the choice to think about what you want to. There may be things which seem obvious to you, but it may not look the same way to others. What you attribute to God, for example, may just feel like a coincidence to others.
  • Where do our individual belief templates come from? They come from our choices in what to believe in. We should have a healthy skepticism of what we believe in, because it could be totally wrong and deluded.
  • One such wrong and deluded thought: “I am the center of our universe”. Our thoughts, and the way that we perceive events, are all through the perspective of “I”. We choose to think like this, and interpret everything through this lens. We have to make a deliberate attempt to get out of this hard wired perspective.
  • It is extremely difficult to get away from the monologue in your head. Learning how to think is how to choose what to pay attention to and how you construct meaning from existence. The mind is a great servant but a terrible master. How do you go about your life, but not a slave to your head?
  • If you don’t make a conscious effort to change your perspective while you’re doing something mundane and hard, then you’re going to be miserable. This default can make it seem like the world is unfair to YOU, and that everything is happening to YOU. This thinking is so easy; this thinking makes it seem like your needs have to determine the world’s priority.
  • This takes will and effort, and might not happen every day. But if you take the time to think about different realities, and move out of your default setting, then you will know you have other options and it can seem better.
  • Although breaking this mundanity may not seem true, and most times it isn’t, it is the true aim of finding meaning. You get to decide, and this decision is the only truth in life. We all worship something—the trick is to keep the truth in your daily consciousness.
  • Whatever we worship takes over our lives (beauty, wealth, etc.) and ruins us (we only focus on beauty, on wealth, etc.). Our society runs on this worship. These default settings in our life help in the “real world” because it helps people to increase society’s economic wealth, but not their own, inner calmness.
  • The real important characterizing freedom is attention, awareness, and discipline. Also, loving people and sacrificing something for them every day. The rat race, and having something and losing it infinitely, is the unconscious state which leaves us thinking about only that which happens to us.
  • The real value of a real education is awareness, and the choice to think about something else. Remember to keep reminding yourself that “This is Water,” that is, understand that we can choose to think about the things that don’t normally break into our awareness.

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