Monthly Report: May 2021

An Aside

As you can see, I failed at pursuing multiple goals. This month, I learned that it’s not possible to try to make progress on multiple, disparate goals, if you don’t have some sort of keystone habit to pull them all into place and you have bad ways of prioritizing them. I think that the best thing to do would be to prioritize the brevity of this report. One thing that I was proud of this month was hitting my sleep target. Moving forward, I want to have a certain “theme” of the month—I think this month’s theme, and something that I’m excited about pursuing is YouTube growth. I’ve bolded it below.

My goals for June 2021 are much less grandiose, but they are specific:

  • Try to set aside 1 hour every day for physical activity
  • Wake up at 5:30am (which means sleep at 9:30pm)
  • Film and Upload 2 videos to the YouTube Channel
  • Eat One Meal a Day, Plant Based
  • Read Every Day for at least 10 minutes before bed time

Goals for May 2021

I want to be able to sleep on time for at least a week at a time that I set (between 7PM and 9PM) and wake up at a regular time (probably 4AM). This will give me at least 7 and at most 9 hours of in-bed time, which I have seen will help my sleep scores. ✅

Exercise 7 days in a row, and log it into the Apple Watch. ❌

Meditate at least 150 minutes (5 minutes every day) ❌

Figure out food management plan, with MyFitnessPal and buying the right amount of food. ❌

Put at least 2 videos out this month that I’m proud of. ❌

Get 4 new subscribers to the newsletter. ❌

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