Monthly Report: April 2021


This month, my sleep wasn’t optimal. I was sleeping fine before my boards which were in the middle of the month, and then I let myself slack off and then not track the rest of my sleeping. As I got to the later half of the month, I let myself go and slept more and more late as I got into the comforts of vacationing. Then, I had a rude awakening as I started to wake up earlier and earlier to go to the hospital. That’s why it was all over the place. I think I’m going to start targeting 8/9PM as a time that I want to go to bed, and having clear times of stopping work. The problem isn’t that I don’t want to go to sleep but rather the busy-ness that keeps me up, or that I am procrastinating making lunch or ironing clothes or getting ready for the next day at the hospital. Then, I realize I have to do those things, and it’s 5 minutes to 10PM. One thing that I’ll prioritize this month, for sure.

Objectives for this month: I want to be able to sleep on time for at least a week at a time that I set (between 7PM and 9PM) and wake up at a regular time (probably 4AM). This will give me at least 7 and at most 9 hours of in-bed time, which I have seen will help my sleep scores.


One thing that I am proud of in April is that I started off strong but ended the month pretty weakly. I want to chalk that up to bad routines, but I know that I also just didn’t want to exercise when I feel short of breath, and that cardio sucks. One thing that I want to do this month is to really push myself to do at least one workout per day and to complete my rings 7 days in a row, same as for my sleep patterns. Both goals are critical to me, so hitting them will be a success for next month. Although rotations are going to be tough, I want to do this and manage the obligations for the podcast with this goal.

Objective for the month: Exercise 7 days in a row, and log it into the Apple Watch.

Mindful Minutes

By far this is the thing that I postpone most frequently. I try to do mindful minutes after I work out, but even when I have time, I miss this. I’m going to try to do it when I experience some downtime in the hospital when my resident lets me go to study for some time, or when I don’t have other responsibilities. Furthermore, I think it’s important to take some time out of the day to do this, but it’s hard to remember to really freeze sometimes and remind yourself that you can think of something that isn’t about medicine in the hospital. This is something I definitely can work on next month as well, by making it a priority when I get back to a lounge or a private area, so I can begin focusing on work that I need to do while studying and reminding myself to stay at the moment.

Objective for the month: Meditate at least 150 minutes (5 minutes every day)

Food Management

I don’t have a plan for this yet. I was thinking of using to plan out my recipes, and using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and macros, but I haven’t gotten this far yet.

Objective for next month: Figure out food management plan, with MyFitnessPal and buying the right amount of food.


  • YouTube Subscribers: 347. I haven’t produced any videos on this channel, but I want to. One of the podcasts that I was listening to was saying how you should sprint when you find something that you enjoy; the channel hasn’t enjoyed growth because I haven’t put videos about the podcast. My biggest one is about Dr. Jason Ryan, so I think the interviews are what my viewers would want. It’s all about testing the idea.
    • Objective: Put at least 2 videos out this month that I’m proud of.
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 6. Not ticking along splendidly, but I think again, this is about discovery, not just content. People need to be able to find content that they resonate with before they can subscribe.
    • Objective: 1 weekly newsletter.
  • Posts Published

Books Read

  • No books read. Unfortunately, I saved too many articles on my Pocket for the newsletter and I forgot about the book that I was reading. I’m going to refrain from putting more articles on my Pocket until I finish this book.

Podcasts Listened to

  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Mr. Beast’s Advice to Succeed at YouTube
  • Objective: Whenever I want to listen to a piece of content, I have to take notes on it. I’m finding that I’m spending too much time searching for content and not enough time just creating. I’m going to use this monthly report and subsequent months to do better in culling it down. Furthermore, I know I listened to many podcasts, but these are all the ones that I have notes for. For next month, I want to take notes on at least 5 podcasts which will help me expand my podcast reach.

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