Mr. Beast’s Advice for YouTube

This advice is from a podcast which I listened to with MKBHD and Mr. Beast about “making it” on YouTube.

To win at YouTube, you must make content that other people watch. This can be measured through the click-through rate and the average view duration.

To optimize the click-through rate (CTR), you should make multiple different thumbnails and if you see that one is not performing, switch to the other one. Always change the thumbnail of older videos to see if they perform better. Grab 3-4 of the smarter people that you know to go through and rip apart all the videos that you have, and then get their perspective to make sure that you have the better CTR.

What can you do about a video that doesn’t perform well?

Edit the video on the YouTube editor. Is there a better thumbnail that you could make? Make sure you test it using a picture on the wall and seeing whether you can see everything.

You should intentionally make it hard to reproduce because you put a lot of time into the things. No one else will put themselves through that much of a slog to make the video that you make. Intentionally doing things that are hard to replicate to make sure no one can do it, will differentiate you from the rest of the other people. Countless hours brainstorming will make content that is easier to shine.

Put efforts into your videos to make sure people can find you

Making sure that you can build a company around you is a big asset, along with delegation and leadership. You need to make sure that you have clickable content, which people would want to watch. Putting more time before you create the video is imperative. If you have something that shows that you went the extra-mile, it will be evident for viewers.

If you’re not having fun, don’t do it.

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