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Hi, I’m Shree Nadkarni.

I’m a medical student who’s interested in living a happier and healthier life. I write, host a podcast, and make YouTube videos.

I’m interested in creating new perspectives in the world. I write an email newsletter called Bundled Payments. This includes podcast insights as well as essays which I don’t publish on the website. Become one of our “policy-holders” today!

I am interested in helping people live the best life that they can. Therefore, my essays and videos address topics including new innovations in healthcare, productivity, personal finance, new technology, mindfulness and meditation, and longevity. These ideas may seem very disparate; however, they all revolve around living more intentionally, and how we interact with our health.

My popular essays include The Grind Doesn’t Define You and Attending: the Surgery.

I’m a big fan of using interviews to learn more about the world. In that vein, I have started a podcast called Common Sense Medicine, where I interview experts in medicine and talk about how we can design a better health care experience both from an individual and systemic standpoint.

Beyond the world of writing and podcasting, I am currently a third-year student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Some questions that I am interested in answering clinically revolve around how we can integrate digital tools into health services research. This keeps me pretty busy, but I try to publish some thoughts about medical education on this blog as well.

I love to hear new perspectives of people in and out of medicine; if you’re interested in talking contact me on Twitter. Looking forward to hearing from you.

—Shree Nadkarni